Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global company, we are incredibly aware of the impact we can make, and so we build corporate social responsibility into every element of our business. Whether in terms of sustainability, standards or how we help others, we make sure our impact on the world is a positive one.


The data centers that power all of our products and services are designed to use as little energy as possible. We never stop looking, however, for new ways to make further efficiencies.

On a more local scale we're also committed to:

  • Only using energy efficient lighting at all of our premises worldwide
  • Recycling all paper, cartridges, mobile phones and other electronics
  • Investing in an energy efficient fleet of vehicles
  • Incentivizing staff to come to work by eco-friendly means like bike


We are committed to partnering with various charities and we encourage our staff to suggest new organizations that could benefit from our help. As a leading hosting provider we also recognize our responsibility to keep the internet a safe place. That’s why we work with many non-profit organizations and partners who monitor and help regulate online content as part of our Community Outreach Program.


Charities that we support

Vereniging Het Verschil

We are sponsors of the annual “Stars and Cars Rally” which raised €80,000 for the charity “Stichting Dream4Kids” in 2015. Organized by the voluntary organization Vereniging Het Verschil, the fun event gives celebrities and others a chance to show off some amazing cars while competing to win a lighthearted race through the countryside. 2015’s beneficiaries Dream4Kids is a group which organizes special days out for youngsters who have suffered various kinds of trauma and aims to reignite their belief that they can really can realize their dreams.

Het Verschil charity logo


Stichting Hoogvliegers

The “Highflyers Foundation” is a charity which gives sick and handicapped children the chance to be pilots for the day. We are long-time sponsors for the group, contributing not only financial help but also volunteers, catering and entertainment for their annual “Hoogvliegers Day”. This is when children who are incurably ill or who have a handicap are given the chance to see various planes and helicopters up close and then to experience a special and unforgettable adventure: actually flying a plane all by themselves!

Stichting Hoogvliegers charity logo



Hulphond Netherlands is a charitable foundation which teaches dogs up to 70 different skills to help people with physical disabilities or therapeutic needs. These are people with severe physical disabilities, epilepsy, trauma as well as children and youngsters with severe behavioral disorders, mental disability or Down's syndrome. Hulphond is also among the leading guide dog schools in the Netherlands. Leaseweb has adopted one of their puppies, Sjakie, which is currently undergoing training before it will start its new life as a dog helper.

Hulphond charity logo


ALS Foundation

The ALS Foundation supports scientific research into the causes, prevention and treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and aims to improve the quality of life and care for ALS patients. Leaseweb provides free hosting for their website which not only ties-in with their advertising campaigns but also offers a communication platform for ALS patients, their family, friends and others. ALS is a relatively small charity and therefore free hosting can make a big difference to their operations.

Stichting ALS charity logo


Right to Play

The global charity Right To Play aims to use all kinds of play to educate and empower children all around the world. By playing sports and games, children can learn important skills which will help them succeed in life. We support the charity by sponsoring employees to participate in fund raising events like the Right To Play sports quiz held in Amsterdam in cooperation with NOC*NSF, the main organization for organized sports in The Netherlands.

Right to Play charity logo


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